Aschisma cuynetii

(Bizot & R. B. Pierrot) J. Guerra & M. J. Cano


Material studied: Abanilla, Sierra del Cantón, 800m, 24-IV-2010, Cano 5642 (MUB 32403). Águilas, playa de la Carolina, 20m, 28-III-2010, Cano 5558 (MUB 32324).

Open soils, and soils accumulated at the base of calcareous rocks.

*New record for Murcia. It is an Iberic endemism, considered as a vulnerable species in the last Spanish red list of bryophytes published (Sérgio etal. 2007). According to Guerra et al. (2006), this species is known from few localities of Alicante, Almería, Gerona, Baixo Alentejo, Beira Litoral and Estremadura.

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