Didymodon eckeliae

R. H. Zander


* Studied material: Caravaca de la Cruz, Sierra de la Zarza, 30SWG6798, 1285m, 2-V-2002, Cano 824 (MUB 13052).

New record for Murcia. This taxon can be distinguished from the other species of the Didymodon section Vinealis by its crenulate and bistratose in1-2 rows leaf margins. The species is known from Spain, California and British Columbia in North America (Zander 2007). In Spain it has been reported from Alicante (Puche et al. 2006a), Guadalajara (Puche et al. 2006b), Jaén and Madrid (Guerra et al. 2010). In Cano et al. (2004), this specimen was identified as Didymodon insulanus (De Not.) M. O. Hill.

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