Entosthodon hungaricus

(Boros) Loeske


Selected material studied: Cartagena, Salinas del Rasall, Calblanque, 30SXG9964, 0m, 6-III-1998, Cano & Ros s.n. (MUB 7202).

Saline soils.

Previous records: Cano et al. (1999); Cano et al. (2004). Ros & Cano (2008) included Entosthodon hungaricus as synonym of E. longicolle (Trab.) Ros & M. J. Cano, however the latter name is a homonym illegitimate, because there is a prioritary name, Entosthodon longicollis Mitt. The rescue of the epithet "hungaricus" contribute to the nomenclatural stability since it has widely been used in bryophyte literature.

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